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  2. The Queen

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  3. Gita n the trendy frends

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    Promo Art for 

    Sept 20th at Bluestockings Bookstore and Cafe 
    Click here for more event info

    Ladies representing the 5 pillars of Hip Hop
    Live graff painting by Naps!

    Hosted by Boog Brown with performances by Rocky Rivera and more
    Y’all should check it out!

    Boog Brown, Rocky Rivera, Awkwafina and more
    plus b girls and qties

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  5. Eve

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    Akoko - Royal Flush

    Re-posting cause it’s COCO AND AKOKO <3

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    Rapsody’s mixtape, She Got Game. Click here for the download link.

  9. Eve- Eve

    comeback plssss

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  11. Sharaya J - Banji

    ace b-girling

  12. Diggin thru some old files 

  13. Royalty

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  14. Bahamadia looks like D from The Wire